Time for a Good Read.

Well I’ve never really been a novel person. The most I’ve read is a fashion magazine🙂.  But now my husband is trying to challenge me to read so he got me this book. Since I love challenges I have accepted and decided to start today after contemplating for weeks! I hope it’s as good as he says. Will keep you posted!


For the Love of Heels!

Hey guys I’m so excited today! I got my new babies!! I have always been a lover of strappy heels. I believe they bring out the femininity and class of a lady and to spice it up… They make you look even sexier!! I’m excited to try out the Kardashian collection and let you know how they are! Until then keep it here! Love you all!



Perfect day time make-up!!

I’m totally smitten by Black opal foundation (black walnut) to be precise!  Blends perfectly with my complexion. Then I used sleek eye pencil for the eyebrows… and long lasting matte lipstick! 😊